Reese Jaclyn Goslee

Reese Jaclyn Goslee
Blue Eyed Beauty

Saturday, May 9, 2009

18 months Old

Hi Pretty...yesterday you were 18 months old. I guess you still are even though you are up in heaven and not Down here this is. I now daddy told you the good news about you baby sister, oh Reese she is beautiful. Thank you so much for watching out for her and getting her to mommy and daddy safe and sound. I need you to continue to keep your big sister and brother and now you new little sister safe and sound with mommy and daddy. I know you will do a great job, you are the most beautiful angel in heaven.

Mommy misses you sooo much. I went to visit you yesterday and I know I just cried but I can't help it. You should be here with us walking all over, poking your new little sister, running around chasing your big sister and brother and getting into everything in site! I'm not really sure why mommy and daddy where the ones picked to suffer like this and I know I will never know but it doesn't make me question it any less or be any less angry. Reese I get so angry!!! I just want to stop feeling so alone.

I'm sorry I have been away for soo long. I just feel like I get so upset when I write to you and I feel like I don't really say anything very positive. I will try and get better at that, I promise!!

Well, I gotta go blue eyes, but I be back soon I promise!!!! I love you Reesie, and I miss you even more!!! Love, Mommy

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Congrats Reesie Cup...You are a Big Sister!

Reesie Cup,

Hey baby girl...we wanted to write to tell you that you are now a big sister to Lily Reese. She is beautiful and has blue eyes like you...we will see if they stay that way. She was born last Sunday and was 9lbs, 6 oz and 21.5" long. You were definitely a peanut compared to her. I was at the cemetary the other day to give you the great news as well. It is definitely very exciting but bittersweet as well. We wish you were here with us.

We are all getting ready for your 1st Benefit/Beef and Beer on June 6th. It is alot of planning but we are really excited to be doing it to remember you and try to help End SIDS. Everyone has been really nice and helping out alot with planning the whole event. We love you so much and you will never be forgotten. I don't think it has gotten any easier for us but we are trying to get through each and every day. I am sure you are looking down on your little sis and making sure that we are all okay. Well, I love you little lady and I will be up to see you either today or tomorrow. Keep smiling(:

--Love, Daddy--

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today is the 1-year mark for that dreaded phone call


Hey baby girl. I wanted to write you to first off say Happy St. Paddy's Day (I know I am a day later and I apologize). Needless to say, we did not celebrate it. I don't think it will every be the same to be honest with you. Today is the 1-year mark where I received that nightmarish phone call from Office McGrath of the Ridley Twp police dept. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was exactly around this exact same time (that I am posting this). You were dropped off by Mommy at the babysitters around 9:15 and I was working in Broomall. I came out of one of my accounts in the Lawrence Park shopping center and that is when my cell phone rang. I was so confused by what I heard on the other line from him. That is exactly the point that our lives were turned upside down. Everything after that I can remember but it was like I was looking in at a horror movie or something from the what was happening was just some crazy dream. My thoughts have really not changed even a year later...I still think it is a nightmare and not real. We are still so numb, angry, upset...every possible feeling we have gone through and it's horrible; I would never wish this on my worst enemy. We are planning your 1st benefit (which will be June 6th). Everyone has been great and has offered help. We know it will be a big success and a step in the right direction to end SIDS forever. We are going through so many emotions today and Friday will be very tough as well obviously. We love you baby girl and think about you every second of every day. We will never forget you and your beautiful blue eyes and crooked smile. You are going to be a big sister soon and we will keep you updated on that. Your little sis will be here April 28th (most likely before). It is definitely bittersweet. We are so excited and very scared at the same time. No one can replace you and we know she will be her own little person. I love you princess and we will write again very soon. Keep smiling and keep us safe!

Friday, February 20, 2009

11 months ...Since you've been gone

Oh, beautiful baby girl. I can't believe it has been 11 months since you left mommy and daddy. These 11 months have been indescribable. The pain and the heartache is something that I never thought I would feel. I am sorry I have not been on here much, I guess I just really have been in the pit. Missing you so much and being so angry that I just can't seem to put it into words without feeling like I might upset someone. Not really sure why I would care, unless they have been though what your mommy, daddy, sister and brother have been through they would never really understand anyway.

Valentine's Day was really heard for me. Not really sure why, I guess because I felt like it was the last big holiday that you were around for. I know your were here for St. Patty's Day but it was the next day that our world was shattered. The night before Valentine's Day, mommy just couldn't fall asleep....I ended up crying myself to sleep. All I could think about was you in that cute Valentine's outfit that I had bought you and about the one I foolishly bought you to wear this year. It is still hanging in you closet with the tags on it. I don't think I will ever be able to do that again. I mean buying an outfit for one of your siblings a whole year in advance; all that innocence is gone. I really liked that bubble that I lived in, where everything was perfect and good. I don't think I will ever be back in that bubble again.

Mommy, Daddy and Noah did get to see your baby sister today. We went for another ultrasound. We had the technician double check to make sure she was a girl... she is. She was in there eating her hand. It was really cute.... Mommy really needs these next 9 weeks to go by fast. Reese please keep her safe, and Madelyn and Noah. I know I ask you that all the time, but I really need you to help me out with that. I guess that's it for now. I love you soo much pretty and I miss you even more. Keep smiling down on us with those gorgeous baby blues!

I'll be back soon, I promise!!! I love you Reesie!

Love, Mommy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Reesie Cup!


I just wanted to write to say Happy Valentine's Day baby. This will be our 1st without you and it's going to be very hard. I keep looking at your picture -- the one attached to this post (the one with your Valentine's Day bib on) and it just kills me. It feels like someone is ripping my heart out. Who would have known that last Valentine's Day would be your one and only. It is not fair at all. I just don't understand it and I never will. I am mad, sad, shocked and just still totally numb from everything that happened. It is a struggle to move on with our lives but Mommy & I are doing the best we can. We know that you are up there giving us a little push every day to keep going and telling us everything is alright (at least that is what I have to believe). Maddy & Noah just opened their Valentine's gifts but obviously it is totally different without you here. We are constantly talking about you (both Maddy & Noah always do) and we will never forget you. We are anxiously awaiting your baby sisters arrival (on April 28th). I am curious to see who she will look like. You will always be her BIG sister!!! I will keep you in the loop since we go for another ultrasound next week. We will be up to see you later and will leave flowers and balloons for you. I love you babygirl and please keep looking over us to make sure we are okay.

--Love, Daddy--

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year Reesie Cup!


I just wanted to write to say Happy New Year! The holidays were so tough for us but we got through them okay with Maddy & Noah here. I am just speechless right now and cannot possibly describe what we are going through - about 9 1/2 months definitely has not gotten any easier. I still cannot believe that this has happened to you and us. It will not ever make sense. I have been talking to people about your case to get different viewpoints. There is a SIDS Specialist in San Diego who is going to look at your case to see if anything was missed -- they are in the process of doing a SIDS Research study. We will see, but obviously nothing will (physically) bring you back to us. I am just hoping it will in some way help find an answer for what SIDS is. It is just so hard because I don't know if we'll ever have closure. You were taken for absolutely no reason at all. You are so loved by everyone and will never be forgotten. It has been so hard to start a new year without you. Not fun at all. Alot of people we don't even know have been contacting me & Mommy who have also lost babies to SIDS so hopefully that will help us...knowing that other people can relate to what we are going through.

On a brighter note, Mommy is 24 weeks pregnant today and her due date is April 28th. We are excited and nervous at the same time. It is definitely bittersweet without you here to meet your soon-to-be new brother or sister. The baby will be his or her own person and no one can ever take your place. We are curious to see who sheor he will look like. We will keep you in the loop for sure. Alright Reese, I just wanted to get some things off my chest. Again, Happy New Year! I love you and miss you and will write again soon.

--Love Daddy--

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Reese!


I just wanted to write to say Merry Christmas! It was definitely not the same without you; the holidays have been very difficult for all of us. There was a Children's Memorial Service at CHOP before Christmas that we all went to for you. That was not fun but it was nice to remember all the children who were taken too soon.

We visited you at the cemetary on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas as well. We left you flowers and there was also alot of other things left for you as well, including 2 Christmas trees, balloons, a cross & some ornaments. We all miss you so much. Santa brought you 2 presents that we will be keeping in your room. You also got a lady bug blanket which is nice. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and tell you how much we think about you and how much we love & miss you. I will write again very soon and will be up to visit you tomorrow! I love you Reesie Cup!!!

--Love Daddy--